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The American Pediatric Surgical Association is the nation's largest professional organization dedicated to the pediatric surgical specialty.

  • APSA has over 1,600 members, mostly from North America, who represent the pediatric surgery arena from academia to government and private practice.
  • The APSA Annual Meeting, held in May, draws approximately 1,000 attendees and has become the forum for the discussion and dissemination of the latest research and techniques in pediatric surgery.
  • As an organization and in tandem with other groups, APSA sets forth guidelines and statements for standards of care for infants and children and for influencing public policy around the surgical care of children.
  • APSA members comprise the Association of Pediatric Surgery Training Program Directors, which directs educational standards for the training of tomorrow's pediatric surgeons.

The history of APSA is deeply intertwined with the history of pediatric surgery as a recognized specialty. Learn more about its mission and history and about the contributions from colleagues lost.

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